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BAC Baby gift set - baby gift box - baby box opening

The most classy baby basket you will find on Etsy ! Perfect as a gift and so hard to find, made considering the needs of the baby and mum to be.

Filled with pastel shades of pink and creme,

This exclusive gift set includes :

-- One Baby blanket
-- One 3 Piece baby outfit
-- One Baby sack to put on the prom.

Sizes of all baby sets are in NB “ Newborn”

You can purchase just the 3pc set in preemie and newborn size in ivory and pink color.

The 3 pc includes :
- Pom Pom sweater with one pair of pants and a hat.

Sorry, but the Bunny iis not included :)!

Hypoallergenic and naturally soft.

Also note that these sets are light for skin to breathe and work for all seasons.

A conscientious and heartfelt gift for your dearest friends and new moms.

Ideal for baby showers, homecomings, and just to send love to any mom!

Examples of the baby sets are above in the photos.

All the orders will be shipped in one day subject to availability.

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