Welcome to seji reborns, current order processing time is 12 weeks

Welcome to seji reborns, current order processing time is 12 weeks

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I must say Reborning for me has truly grown beyond a hobby and I find myself devoting greater and greater amounts of time to attaining the realism I wish to achieve. I am also spending lots of time innovating and varying my techniques and I hope you will enjoy them in my latest reborn work.

In Darren, I have attained a realism that I did not think possible only a short time ago.

The highlight of this doll in particular is not just the realism and care I placed into Reborning this wonderful sculpt, but also that she/he could be either a girl or a boy.

And I am also pleased to provide him or her the capability to cry, coo and laugh.

As always, Darren will be painted with many thin layers of genesis heat set paints and carefully veined and mottled as needed. To ensure a light texture, smooth finish and avoid shine the baby is baked and sealed.

I'm also rooting this baby with 3 different shades of the best alpaca mohair that remain very soft and de-tangled and can be styled straight or curly as per your wish.

The baby has his forehead painted and mono rooted to give a peachy fuzz with light blonde hair and also the neck and lover cheek rooted to give a realistic look.

The baby is given a 3D skin peel on top of the hands and feet.

I also spend time providing light hair drawing on the shoulders and upper arms.

The Darren has:

- Full hands and full legs. Always making it incredibly easy to pose and dress to your liking.

- He is also filled with poly fill Angel silk and high quality glass beads which will not filter out.

  • ••••YOUR BABY COMES HOME••••••

1.) A Complete Reborn Baby Doll Darren

2.) Baby Blanket as seen in the photos

3.) Birth Certificate with Confirmation of Originality

4.) Magnetic Pacifier Toy

5.) Hand Knit Top, Hat, Booties

6.) White Pom Pom Layette Set including Knit Top, Trousers, Hat

7) Onesies and mittens


Feel free to inquire about other OPTIONS AVAILABLE including:

- Belly Plate

- Box Opening

- Cry Box

**** Please note that I offer a Layaway with a $300-dollar, non-refundable deposit.

**** Final payment is due within 3 months.

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