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Ella by Karola weigrich

Please note you have an option to pay down deposit of 200$ to opt for a 3 month layaway. Email me on sejireborns@gmail.com and I will contact you to begin the process, The Remaining due can be paid flexibly within 3 months.

You also have an option to pay in full.

ella details

Ella is ready to ship 

Size -20 “ newborn baby girl or boy

weighs 5lbs

Ella is a sold out limited edition kit, the whole credit goes to my collector Vivian who was able to source it ! 

Ella has a head entirely rooted with highest quality mohair hair color is baby brown.

He:she has rooted and sealed eyelashes which look very natural and always stay tidy

He:She can take a magnetic pacifier.

He:She is beautifully weighted for easy posing and positioning.

1.) A Complete Reborn Baby Doll
2.) Baby Blanket
3.) Birth Certificate with Confirmation of Originality
4.) Magnetic Pacifier Toy
5.) Hand Knit Top, Hat, Booties
6.) Onesies and mittens


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