Welcome to Seji reborns - a collectors nook for exclusive handmade collectibles

Welcome to Seji reborns - a collectors nook for exclusive handmade collectibles

Johanna asleep reborn baby

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The baby in the photos is my artwork, the cost of the baby is determined on the quality, realism, time, technique, high quality elements used and my expertise,I
I dont use images by prototype artists alike many reborners on etsy. The reason is specifically so that you get what you see.

I must say reborning for me has truly grown beyond a hobby and I find myself devoting greater and greater amounts of time to attaining the realism I wish to achieve. I am also spending lots of time innovating and varying my techniques that I hope you will enjoy Robin as much as I have creating her/him.

I work hard to give Alexis a Newborn look and different from what I have ever created before.
Alexis was painted with many thin layers of genesis heat set paints and carefully veined and mottled as needed. To ensure a light texture, smooth finish and avoid shine the baby is baked and sealed. I've also rooted this baby iwith the best quality hair that remain very soft and de-tangled and can be styled straight or curly as per your wish.

Joannah has:

Full hands and full legs. Always making it incredibly easy to pose and dress to your liking.
He - she is filled with poly fill, Angel silk and high quality glass beads which will not filter out.

You can opt a layaway by paying 200$ and rest withing three months. Down payment is non refundable.

The baby is 19" long and wears a 0 month size. The baby weighs around 6-7 lbs

The baby will be delivered in 2-3 weeks .

1.) A Complete Reborn Baby Doll
2.) Baby Blanket
3.) Birth Certificate with Confirmation of Originality
4.) Magnetic Pacifier Toy
5.) Hand Knit Top, Hat, Booties
6.) Onesies and mittens

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