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Sunny by Joanna Kazmierczak - sold out limited edition

Introducing Baby sunny by sculptor joanna kazmierczack

The price of the collectible is dependent on the price of the sculpt and time and labor involved.
Please not you will be purchasing a sold out limited edition collectible.
Your sunny is one of a kind baby girl or boy collectible handmade using various high quality elements to bring the realism.
The baby is painted in many thin layers.
Monorooted with finest alpaca mohair. 
This baby is available as a baby girl or baby boy.
The length is approximately 20  inches and it will weigh approximately 5lbs.

The baby has its head and limbs weighted with glass beads .
This collectible feels almost lifelike and real looking.
Needs headsupport  when handling.
Please allow four weeks for the order to be delivered. 

1.) A Complete Reborn Baby Doll 
2.) Baby Blanket as seen in the photos
3.) Birth Certificate with Confirmation of Originality
4.) Magnetic Pacifier 
5.) Hand Knit Top, Hat, Booties
6.) Onesies and mittens


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