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Custom Baby Order Process

June 20, 2018 3 Comments

Custom Baby Order Process

How do I order a custom reborn ? 

Before you begin with owning a custom reborn that of your imagination and how you want. Take a look through various babies that are already created by me to get an idea of my work, details and style. 

If you like my work then we move ahead with choosing a kit that you like.

After choosing a kit you make a down payment of 200$ (all custom Babies between size 15”-20” are 1350-2500$ depending on the quality of time, materials and details.

If you don’t have a baby in mind you can visit www.bountifulbaby.com

You choose a kit and we further proceed to register you requested requirements Like :

1.) Skin tone

2.) Bald Head, Painted hair or Rooted hair 

3.) Any choice for Eye colors

4.) Gender

5.) Style

6.) any marks or scratches on the face

Since the down payment is made, I begin with creating the reborn baby and send you process photos.

The baby should be ready within two weeks depending on how busy I am.

You  can make the rest of the payment once baby is ready or within a span of three months choosing a layaway option.

Baby is shipped after it’s paid in full.  

What you get ?

1.) A custom baby doll

2.)Certificate of authenticity 

3.) A small Box opening 

4.) Magnetic paci if needed

Additional features are available at additional cost :

1.) Belly plate, Front or Back

2.) Breathing Mechanism 

3.) cry box




3 Responses

Cheryl (Dee) Takach
Cheryl (Dee) Takach

August 18, 2020

Re: lavender from your website. Does she have a cloth body? What is her length and weight? I’m seriously interested but site doesn’t provide some information


August 18, 2020

Needing a doll for my daughter, love what you do.
Is there any that are less than $1000 Australian dollars? We would love one with real hair & eyes closed. Also one that fits newborn clothes 0000 a real pretty doll. Thanks

annabelle anderson
annabelle anderson

August 18, 2020

i would love a custom baby

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